Sales Project Manager



Josh Dooley graduated from Sonoraville High School in Calhoun, GA and joined the United States Navy. In the Navy, he was trained in aeronautical fabrication, electronics, and management. Josh rose through the ranks very quickly. The last two years of his tour he was running his own missions off of the coasts of several different parts of the world battling terrorism.

The Navy taught Josh the core values of leadership, and he continues to carry those values throughout every aspect of his life. In 2014, although he was offered an option of early promotion, Josh decided to separate from the Navy as Second Class Petty Officer and pursue a different career path.

Josh moved to Alabama and joined MW Industrial Services’ team as Fabrication Shop Manager. Since he has been with MW Industrial Services, he has revamped, reorganized, and brought new life to our fabrication shop. Josh is a dependable, hard-working, and dedicated member of our team who is always striving to make MW Industrial Services bigger and better. We are very excited that he decided to pursue a career at MW Industrial Services.

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