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Kevin Hubbard has more than 25 years of experience in sales and contract negotiations for the oil and gas and industrial sector. Prior to building two successful businesses, T.A.S.K.S Systems and CIP Consulting Group, Hubbard served on many executive teams as a consultant in the following markets: oil and gas, chemical and power plants, pulp and paper, industrial construction, federal and state government projects as well as disaster/environmental. One of Hubbard’s greatest accomplishments was managing and restoring the ports, bridges and infrastructure as well as providing temporary housing during catastrophic Hurricane Katrina, an estimated $2B project. He also managed, negotiated and won four state project management contracts, totaling $.5B,  for T.L. Wallace during the B.P. Oil Spill Environmental Cleanup; he managed an excess of 4,200 employees for the states.

Hubbard has a strong background and education in corporate management, business development/affairs, and communication techniques demonstrated in the following positions & experience profile: Owner & President of T.A.S.K.S Systems & CIP Consulting Group, Executive VP Sales/Business Development, VP Sales & Marketing, OSHA 30 Trainer, CIP Leadership Certified, CIP and Lean Manufacturing Instructor, MIP (Mill Improvement Process) Instructor, National Registered Rescue Team EMT, Rescue Tech./Level 3 Instructor, Corporate Financial Advisory Board, Business Administration Sales & Marketing, USAF, USAF Leadership Training & USAF Aircraft Engineering.

“At the end of the day,” Hubbard says, “I help build teams that win contracts and ensure that those contracts are carried out successfully. I approach both life and business as a continual improvement process. In turn, I work to form long-term relationships with our clients that increase profitability and gain momentum as they deepen.”

Hubbard is happily married with five children and lives in Mobile, AL  and Pensacola, FL.

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